Secrets To Soding

With lawns, it’s unfortunately true that you never know what you are going to get. Despite all your best efforts, sometimes that perfect green lawn you are dreaming of cannot come about on its own.

Questions for Your Landscaper

So you have decided to hire a landscaper. There’s nothing like having a professional coming onto your property with an eye for detail and an understanding of how to make your property come alive. But how to decide which professional is best for you?

Types of Grasses for Your Lawn

It should come as no surprise that there’s so much confusion among homeowners when it comes to what type of grass you currently have on your lawn and how best to care for it. At Green Pro, we are experts on what works best for the Greater Tulsa area and the different zones therein, and we want to help educate homeowners on how best to care for your lawn. Of course there are pros and cons with any choice; we have listed several below, so you can make the most informed choice about what is best for your lawn and landscape.

Potted Plants: Your Landscape Designers Secret Weapon

We have found that potted plants help to create a soft look on concrete and stone patios, picnic areas, and around the pool. Stone landscapes cry out to be offset by softer elements like willowy grasses and delicate flowers a complementary look that can give your landscape a yin/yang effect.

Winter Shrubs

Vegetation types range from Juniper woodlands and shortgrass prairie in the panhandle to mixed oak forests and swamps in the southeast. It can be tempting to think that the winter season can obscure Oklahoma’s beauty, but the reality is that some of Oklahoma’s finest shrubs and flowers come out to play in the winter. Homeowners looking to reflect Oklahoma’s year-round beauty in their property’s landscape design might be interested in a few of the below flowers we have listed that are special and unique to winter.

Preventing Garden Erosion

Nature can be a relentless force, and while it can be challenging to beat back the forces of erosion seeking to work against your carefully manicured property, there are steps you can take not only to protect your property but also to protect your soil and manage your property’s growth effectively and efficiently. Not only will soil stay where you want it, but you will use less water; the garden will look clean and crisp, and plants will flourish. Find the sprinkler that will allow you to customize the spray to water only when and where you need it.

Enjoying the Outdoors with Hardscapes

Today we want to tackle hardscapes patios, grill areas, and the like and talk about the impact they can have on your backyard, and how we approach these different landscape approaches at Green Pro. It’s important to state from the outset that every GreenPro landscape design is always balanced with a combination of hardscapes and softscapes. This means that if you want to create a paved patio off the main living area in your home , your design should also include softscapes or plantings to soften the area and provide you the perfect ambiance, where guests feel welcome and at ease.

When and Why to Hire the Expert

You watch a TV special on landscape design (maybe Jerry Baker, master gardener, or one of those home improvement shows on HGTV) and think, “I can do that!” You go to your local garden shop, buy a bunch of flowers and plants, spend a day in the dirt, and then watch for six weeks as your new garden or landscape goes…absolutely nowhere.(Or worse: maybe everything dies!) There comes a time in every homeowner’s experience when you have to decide whether you are going to DIY it, or hire an expert.

Core Aeration

Unhealthy lawns are often a result of soil beneath the grass that is now compacted, which keeps oxygen, water, and nutrients from flowing down to the roots. Core aeration is a type of lawn aeration that reduces compaction by removing soil and thatch, the chief culprits of soil compaction, from a lawn. As a result, homeowners can hire companies that specialize in lawn care to bring out their equipment to clear the property of plugs and clogs, and then drive precise holes into the soil for maximum care.

Brighten Dreary Winter Landscapes with Native Plants

grass, frost, winter

Homeowners looking to brighten their properties should consider using native plants, which offer winter color and provide food and shelter to many over-wintering bird species. A colorful native garden alive with beautiful bird species might just be the remedy for those cold and dreary winter days!

Shine your joy at any budget!