Homeowners trust GreenPro to provide them with beautiful, healthy, more weed-free lawn. GreenPro offers a seven step program custom tailored to your lawn’s needs. With GreenPro you can have peace of mind that your lawn will be treated correctly with top quality materials by a certified lawn care professional.

The best defense against weeds is a healthy, thick, well-fertilized lawn. Expertly applied, a quality fertilizer will ensure that your lawn will stay green, thick, and healthy. Many weeds are best controlled with a quality pre-emergent herbicide which is applied before the weeds germinate. A quality weed control product controls weeds that pop up during growing season. We use a state of the art surfactant in all of our weed control applications that enables the herbicide to penetrate the weed faster and more efficiently.

Our seven step program to a more beautiful lawn will include liquid, granular, and/or spot treatments as appropriate for each lawn’s unique needs.