Heat Your Patio with Green Pro

Just because winter is cold does not mean you do not have to lose your ability to enjoy your outdoor patio area! At GreenPro we often find that our clients do not want to lose their outdoor patio areas for up to six months a year just because it’s cold. As a result, we have developed some tricks and tips to help homeowners who want to make their outdoor areas warm and inviting no matter the season.

Fire Pits

The holidays, in particular, can be a beautiful time to be out in nature enjoying all that your property has to offer, but you need a gathering place where family and friends can feel warm and welcome amidst the cold winter air. The secret to these outdoor gathering places? A fire pit one that can provide both light and heat, and create the atmosphere for family and friends that you long for your property to offer.

Landscape Goals For the New Year

While it’s common for people to set goals when it comes down to personal and professional goals, it’s also common for homeowners to have goals when it comes to home improvement. And yet, in addition to home improvement and repair, homeowners also often want to make changes to their landscape and property design. But they have no idea on where to start? Take a look below to get started!

Holiday Landscape Decoration Ideas

Thanksgiving and Christmas are just around the corner, and one of the hallmarks of the season at least for Oklahomans is for families to bundle up and visit homes in the area that have made lighting their homes a yearly tradition. Bright ornaments in red, silver, and gold tones add a pop of color to décor, and then be sure to light the porch with a soft overhead glow that emphasizes the door and the greenery and color! A festive holiday wreath and bucket of birch branches complete the look. These are just a few ideas to get you in the festive holiday landscape design mentality.

Beat the Heat with Covered Patios

Awsome kind of evening

Maybe you should consider a patio as part of your larger outdoor landscape design concept. The latest trend in covered patios is a hassle-free retractable cloth awning, giving you the chance to decide when and how much you want your patio covered.

Shine your joy at any budget!