Outdoor Lighting in Tulsa, OK

Outdoor lighting provides safety and adds that pop that really finishes off a project.

We can install low-voltage (i.e. wired) lighting in a variety of areas, all of which look great. (Solar available upon request.)

Outdoor Areas to Light

  • Uplighting on trees, bushes, mailboxes, and buildings
  • Path lighting along driveways, walking paths, and patios
  • Landscape accent lighting
  • Perimeter / Fence lighting

Best Time of Year

Outdoor lighting is installed and maintained throughout the year.

Holiday Lighting

We also provide Christmas Lighting services (click to see samples, find out more, and schedule service), including design and installation. Have a hassle-free holiday. Installation months are from October to December. Get the most bright for your buck by scheduling early this year.

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Stories & Education

Lighting Pathways and Walkways

You already know the power and impact of landscape lighting on your home and garden areas. But don’t forget – visitors and guests need to make their way to your front door or around your property. These crucial areas also deserve your time and attention, and we’ve put together some suggestions on how to approach…

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Landscape Lighting Tools and Tips

First of all, it’s important to remember that when it comes to lighting your outdoor landscape, a little goes a long way. That’s because your eyes need less light outdoors to see light, shadow, and pattern. To plan your outdoor lighting, walk around your yard at night and envision how and when you want to…

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Art and Light: Adding Personality to Your Lighting Design

Homeowners often don’t think about outdoor lighting as a way to have fun and add touches of whimsy by illuminating artwork, signage, and water features. Having a custom-made piece of art in the garden allows you to really stand apart from your neighbors. You can emphasize the security, safety, and privacy of your property without…

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Light Up the Dark with Landscape Lighting from Green Pro

At Green Pro, we like to think of ourselves as a full-service company that offers every little detail towards making your backyard dreams come true. This includes a crucial service that many of our clients have come to appreciate: landscape lighting. Outdoor landscape lighting provides homeowners with a sense of security and shows off your…

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