Tulsa Drainage Solutions

Water should never puddle or stay in a spot in your yard for longer than 24 hours. Additionally, the grading (sloping) of your yard may affect your home’s foundation.

Proper drainage can protect your interior from flooding and protect your exterior from standing water, which can lead to insect growth, grass and plants dying, and even physical injuries if water covers walking areas.

Depending on the drainage type and location, the water may even be able to be recycled into an installed water feature.

When Water Is Bad

Too much water will attract pests, make your lawn unhealthy, and can even be a safety concern.
No drainage issue is too difficult for our expert team.

Types of Drainage Solutions

Water drainage services pair with our Irrigation Services so we can develop your entire outdoor water resource plan.

  • French drains (underground pipes in your yard)
  • Tight line drains
  • Surface drains
  • Gutter drains
  • Sump pumps

Best Time of Year

While drains can be installed and maintained (as needed) throughout the year, it’s advisable to install them before the spring and summer rainfall and storms arrive.

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Stories & Education

Effective Drain Control

You may be experiencing problems with gathered water. Collected rainwater can become quite the problem for homeowners, ruining foundations and beautiful landscape plants and causing chaos within the home.. There are four main types of drains to be used in your residential property.

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How To Deal With Standing Water

Many Oklahoma homes suffer from humidity of a whole other problem: constant damp spots in the lawn. Six ways to address standing water in your yard, including a rain garden or french drain.

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Water Features & How to Incorporate Them

There are four basic categories of water features: ponds, fountains, waterfalls, and streams. Each has their own unique requirements when it comes to maintenance and care, and there are pluses and minuses to each element. Be mindful of the overall design aesthetic to install water features that can keep your home feeling peaceful all year…

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Sprinklers and Irrigation

Let’s be honest: how many of us remember running through the old-school sprinklers that used to slowly move back and forth across the lawn? Or maybe you had the other old-school sprinkler system the spurt-spurt-spurt showerhead followed by the long whirr as it adjusted to a different part of the lawn? Maybe your parents watered…

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The Perfect Vegetable Garden

A bunch of folks here in Oklahoma will start a vegetable garden this year. Drip irrigation provides water near the base of the plant, leaving the upper foliage dry and less susceptible to fungi. Trellises are also a popular garden item that can be a tremendous asset to your vegetable garden.

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