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GreenPro, LLC
5 Stars - Based on 243 User Reviews

Easy to get ahold of, prompt and great service. Look forward to continuing to work with them!

6 years ago

5 star ratingWhen I clicked on 5 stars to rate GreenPro on this site, the words "Woohoo! As good as it gets!" popped up on my screen. I could not have said it better!! I have been SO happy with GreenPro, and the owners, Matt and Dakota, are so easy to work with. Their team is very attentive to detail and is so professional. I can't believe how quick they are, without sacrificing quality of workmanship. They will stop and answer a question, they will smile and say hi, and they are a very good representation of the business ideals set forth by Matt and Dakota. I highly recommend this company and agree with the statement "as good as it gets!"

Lyndsy P. Avatar
4 years ago

Last year we had severe weed problem in our lawn. This year I changed my Lawn care to Green Pro. My lawn is healthy and free from weeds. They did an awesome job.

Senthil Krishnamoorthy Avatar
3 years ago
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