Lawn Chemicals: Do’s and Don’ts

It’s sometimes tempting for homeowners to use lawn chemicals to treat the lawn for fertilization, or address issues related to pests and weeds. Fertilizers The most common type of lawn chemical is a lawn fertilizer, which can be applied in granular or liquid form and can contain several essential elements in combination or a single needed nutrient. Pesticides Harmful bugs are another common problem for the homeowner, and pesticides applied to the lawn can eliminate them well.

Fighting Clover Weed

rain, trefoil, clover

The most common type of clover is the white clover, a member of the legume family. It produces its own nitrogen, which means that it will thrive in under-nourished lawns. The nitrogen it brings into the soil encourages grass growth when it decomposes. Some homeowners may like clover growing in their lawn, others may want to control it because they think it looks messy or are concerned about their children being stung by bees.

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