Creating a Staycation Destination

Published October 7, 2021

How would one make a stay-at-home summer feel like an exotic destination all the same? Easy give your backyard, lawn, and garden a mini-makeover that can help your property feel like the getaway of your dreams.

Ah, summer – when many families plan distant travel or vacations far from home.  Many Oklahoma natives don’t want to wander far from their homes, however.  But how to make a stay-at-home summer feel like an exotic destination all the same?  Easy – give your backyard, lawn, and garden a mini-makeover that can help your property feel like the getaway of your dreams. So, sit back, relax, and pull up a lawn chair as GreenPro shares some tips and suggestions that might help inspire you.  We offer many of these services, and would be happy to consult with you on the best way to make your home a staycation destination!

Pergola canopy

We all know that Oklahoma summers can get pretty hot and sunny.  One of the easiest ways to shield your backyard patio and property from the heat is to have a pergola/canopy that can help provide some shade and shelter from the sun.  With a variety of options to choose from in terms of fabric and coverings, you can customize your pergola or canopy so that it fits your backyard décor and aesthetic.

Also, like any other hotel or destination getaway, no pergola or canopy would be complete without misters keeping the area cool.  These are very easy to install and make a huge impact on your ability to enjoy the outdoors!

Weatherproof speaker system

When you’re spending time at a hotel or resort, you often might notice the way these vacation spots will have music constantly in the background.  It’s a relaxing and fun way to ease your mind and put you into that “vacation mentality.”  Have you considered having a Bluetooth-enabled, surround sound speaker system installed around your property?  It can help create a “resort vibe,” especially when your phone is connected to your wireless sound system.  Just put on a relaxing playlist and let yourself unwind!

Waterfall feature

There’s something about the sound of water that makes a body relax.  From pools to water slides, when you’re on vacation, the sound of water can get your body calm and relaxed.  In the same way, adding a waterfall feature to a backyard installation can help you downshift from work mode to play mode, getting you in tune with a more relaxing mentality.  From backyard brooks to a more traditional waterfall, there are lots of inexpensive ways to incorporate running water into your landscape design, and the benefits are often significant!

Destination spaces

One of the fun things about summer is the amount of time you spend outdoors.  On vacation, you’re much more inclined to hike, work out, go to the pool, or ride bikes outside.  In the same way, have you considered reconfiguring your landscape design to include outdoor gathering spots?  After all, why it might be tempting to spend your summer in A/C, the simple fact is that spending time outside is good for us!

Destination spaces can include gathering places like an outdoor kitchen area, where you can gather around while grilling burgers, washing dishes, or cleaning up.  Other spaces can include fire pits (one of the most popular installs GreenPro is asked to do), pools, screening areas with couches and TVs, outdoor ping pong areas, pizza ovens, or simply a stone patio with lots of seating!  You don’t have to do a massive redesign to get these spaces either – just envision how you want friends and family to spend their time, and GreenPro can help you design the perfect getaway space!

Outdoor Furniture

Think about where you generally sit when you’re spending time outdoors on vacation – chaise lounges, large chairs, and comfortable benches are the order of the day!  In the same way, your staycation destination should include furniture that people can easily relax in.  Lots of padding, low-sitting chairs with wide armrests (including cup holders), couches, and other outdoor furniture are crucial aspects of landscape design.  Don’t forget that it’s not just enough to design the space for people to gather; you want to make sure they’ll be comfortable there too!

Landscape Lighting

If you’ll notice, many resorts make outdoor lighting a crucial part of their landscape design.  It’s rare to find a hotel or resort that hasn’t designed its layout with lighting in mind.  In the same way, don’t forget to incorporate this important element when considering your landscape design.  The way landscape lighting can highlight a water feature or light up a pergola can add a level of grandeur and magnificence to your property, and make it feel like a high-value resort that friends and neighbors will love to visit time and again!  GreenPro can help you keep your landscape lighting low maintenance by handling every aspect of installation and ongoing care. Hopefully, these ideas have inspired you with some ways to consider making your property the staycation destination of your dreams.  Need help thinking about the approach that works best for your property?  Give GreenPro a call – we’d love to find ways to turn your backyard landscape into a five-star resort!