5 Suggestions for Rainproofing Your Property

Published May 15, 2021

Avoid drainage headaches and flooding on your property during wet Oklahoma summers.

If you’ve lived in Oklahoma for any amount of time, you know: Oklahoma summers are hot and humid. There’s a ton of moisture in the air, and not just from the humidity; Oklahoma summers are also pretty rainy, with a greater than 25% chance of a given day being a wet day.

Given the fact that Oklahomans can face rain throughout the summer, there’s also a good chance that rain will affect your property, from property damage to home damage. Even though GreenPro primarily focuses on making sure your landscape is looking great, we’ve got some tips and tricks about rain-proofing your property that we thought we would share. It might help you make sure that the rain doesn’t ruin your home!

1. Cut dead tree branches hovering above your house

Strong winds from summer storms might cause dead branches to break and fall on your home, causing damage. This is why you should take time to remove them before the onslaught of any rain. Keep an eye out for dead, overgrown branches that are looming low or coming into contact with your roof. (They are also climbing opportunities for varmints or other uninvited guests!) Keeping your trees trimmed along the roofline of your house will help make sure that your roof doesn’t sustain damage from falling trees or branches.

2. Clear drainage and gutters

Rain water should be able to pass through drains and gutters to avoid flooding. Remove leaves stuck in the gutters of your roof so water does not overflow and enter through the windows or flood a patio. Also, make sure to clean your drains regularly because, aside from flooding, clogged drains may also breed insects and cause bad smell. (French drains in particular can be helpful when trying to remove standing water that may have gathered on your property.)

3. Patch up leaks and holes in your walls, ceiling and roof

Check your walls for cracks where moisture can seep in, and fill them up with concrete caulk. Make it a habit to inspect your roof at least twice a year for holes, cracks and rusty spots. Replace or patch up defective roof tiles to avoid water from entering. For your ceiling, use adhesives to stop leaks and to prevent moisture build up.

4. Make doors and windows airtight

Secure gaps in doors and window frames to keep draft and rain from coming in. One trick in looking for gaps is to move a candle around the frames to see where it flickers, which indicates air passing through. Swelling of doors and windows because of moisture can be prevented by applying wax or polish. Make sure hinges are also greased to keep them from rusting. You don’t want exterior water to become interior water!

5. Tidy up unattended electric wires

This is a big one – some homes will feature electric wires that dangle down from the roof. Maybe it’s remnants from an old cable TV hookup, maybe it’s from a power line, but no matter the reason, always make sure to clean up loose wires and water leaks in electrical boxes and switchboards around your house to avoid short circuits. Electrical failures are common during storms, and you don’t want your home to be a conduit for a lightning strike or the cause of an electrical surge. Make sure to also unplug appliances when not in use, and to never operate switches with wet hands.

These are just a few tips to help you prepare for wet Oklahoma weather. Looking for someone to come in and help you assess your home for potential water issues, or to help you rain-proof your home? At GreenPro we pride ourselves on our services, including drainage and flood prevention. Give us a call today; we’re happy to help!