Sustainable Gardens

A small compost heap in a garden.

As humanity becomes more aware of connectedness between things, GreenPro clients are starting to ask how to incorporate sustainability principles into their outdoor designs and landscapes. Composting can be as simple as raking leaves over your garden when you put it to winter bed or as specific as indoor food composting with worm bins. GreenPro works with clients who want to prioritize sustainable living, not just in their garden, but on their property overall. There’s a ripple effect when you buy sustainable organic products from businesses that support sustainable gardening.

Fighting Clover Weed

rain, trefoil, clover

The most common type of clover is the white clover, a member of the legume family. It produces its own nitrogen, which means that it will thrive in under-nourished lawns. The nitrogen it brings into the soil encourages grass growth when it decomposes. Some homeowners may like clover growing in their lawn, others may want to control it because they think it looks messy or are concerned about their children being stung by bees.

Hanging Gardens & Trailing Vines

exterior decoration, decoration, hanging basket

In recent days, hanging baskets and gardens have come back into vogue, especially when filled with plants and vegetation. Trailing vines can produce a large and vibrant presence, adding texture and beauty to your hanging gardens and containers. GreenPro is happy to set up a consultation and work with you to make sure your trailing vines and hanging gardens are everything you want them to be; they are available in a multitude of leaf sizes and shapes as well as colors.

Creating Entrances That Inspire

It’s important not to neglect any aspect of your home’s design, including the entrance. GreenPro recently had the opportunity to work with a client to create a breathtaking front door entrance to their home. The entrance to the house has a direct effect on the landscape design and overall home décor.