Light Up the Dark with Landscape Lighting from GreenPro

Published September 2, 2021

GreenPro is a full service landscape lighting company with access to a wide variety of commercial-grade lighting products to illuminate your walkways and showcase your property’s focal points.

At GreenPro we are a full service landscape design company that offers every detail towards making the backyard dreams come true for all our Oklahoma clients. This includes a crucial service that many have come to appreciate: landscape lighting.

Outdoor landscape lighting provides homeowners with a sense of security and shows off your beautiful home in a whole new way. Many homeowners have found that they feel more peaceful upon arriving home from work, and enjoy being outdoors even after the sun has gone down.

Landscape lighting also exudes luxury. It can turn your home from a beautiful residence into a breathtaking showpiece, and make a huge impact on your guests and neighborhood!

Additionally, a recent study showed that landscape lighting was one of the top seven improvements homeowners can make to elevate the worth of their property. A little investment can go a long way.

At GreenPro we pride ourselves on working with our clients to help them understand how low voltage lighting systems work and install the best system possible. Many homeowners are only familiar with “off-the-shelf” products, which are often inferior and will may likely break within a year or few. They’re often cheaply made and easily disposable; many have trouble weathering the rain (no small thing in Oklahoma). Most are solar powered, and while this isn’t a bad thing, we prefer a wired light as it has more power and gives a wider spectrum of light, especially during those cold Oklahoma winter months.

GreenPro specialists can access a catalog of options for each area your landscape needs. Not every area in your property requires the same level of illumination, or even the same lighting system! We work with our clients to devise and design the landscape lighting system that is right for them.

Our Process

Our team will assess your property and begin to form a plan that includes highlighting particular trees, beautifully lit paths, and winding driveways, and showcasing the colors of your landscape. Our goal is simple: to create an ambient and peaceful environment when you or your guests arrive at your home.

Additionally, GreenPro can take the frustration out of all that wiring and planning. You’ve probably seen homes with miswired systems or distracting cords running all over the property. These can wind up getting chewed up (or worse) by your landscapers. By contrast, our team is careful with plantings, making sure that wires are used with discretion and buried deep in the ground, so our team of lawn care specialists won’t disturb them. Upon installation, we’ll make sure that the transformer and timer are properly working and the lights go on at dusk, leaving you the homeowner with beautifully lit evenings and the peace of mind that comes from knowing you’ve hired the right team to install all your landscape lighting desires!

Additionally, GreenPro prides ourselves on an ongoing relationship with our clients. After we’ve done our initial install, we’re happy to come back should you want more lighting. We’ve had many homeowners suddenly get inspired about where they’d like to see more or different illumination. It can become quite an addiction!

Further, landscape lighting can extend admiration for your property’s landscape design into the evening hours. When you pride yourself on the care and maintenance of your lawn, why not extend those viewing hours after the sun goes down? Outdoor lighting can expand a visitor’s perspective on your home’s creativity (think of how the colors of your flowers can interact with a beautiful lighting design), brighten your view as you look out your windows, and make your home truly breathtaking both day and night.

Give GreenPro a call today; we’d love to help you see how outdoor lighting can make your property shine!