The Secret To Outdoor Lighting: Accent Lighting

Published August 24, 2021

Outdoor lighting is very different from indoor lighting, as most surfaces are dark and do not reflect light well. Positioning and shielding are more important in outdoor landscape lighting in order to prevent glare. Accent lighting can showcase your property’s standout features.

When thinking about outdoor lighting, there’s a lot to consider. You might be focused on brightness, or on objectives like security. But one of the most important secrets to lighting is learning how to focus the light around certain features or elements of the property that are particularly meaningful to you. Sure, you want to focus light on your home, but what else around your property can bring your outdoor lighting to magnificent life?

In essence, we’re talking about accent lighting–focusing light on a particular area or object.

At GreenPro we specialize in outdoor landscape lighting. It’s important to understand that outdoor lighting is very different than indoor; you’re less focused on issues like reflection, for example, because most surfaces are dark and do not reflect light well. However, position and shielding are more important in outdoor landscape lighting in order to prevent glare. In essence, the question in outdoor lighting really became what you want to illuminate–where you want to point the light. Enter the importance of accent lighting.

As a result, when working with clients, we ask them what elements around their property deserve extra light, whether artwork, signage, or water features. It doesn’t take a lot to make your property shine, just the right lights illuminating the right personal touches – and of course, the willingness to let your personality come through.

It’s important therefore, when you’re thinking of outdoor lighting, not to just think of your landscape. Whatever artwork brings you joy is something you may want to enjoy in the evening hours, too. Having a custom-made piece of art in the garden, for example, allows you to really stand apart from your neighbors!

In addition to illuminating your home and creating personal art projects that reflect your personality, consider lighting your street address. In addition to being an easy and obvious way to personalize your property, it can also be helpful for visitors. A reminder though: avoid raised lettering. Although it looks cool during the daylight hours, placing any light under or over the sign will create shadows that make it hard to read. Engraved numbers or flushed lettering works best.

If you find yourself drawn to art, don’t let the four walls of your home contain you! Let your personality reflect your passions in the garden too.

Curious about how accent lighting might bring your property to life? Give GreenPro a call today; we’d be happy to work with you to make your home and landscape truly stand out!