Secrets To Good Mulch

Published April 24, 2021

It’s our job to be experts in all aspects of lawn care and maintenance, including mulch. Remove old mulch first before adding new mulch. Consider your home’s roof color, shutter color, and the color scheme of your plantings.

We know, we know: isn’t all mulch the same?  The honest answer however is that no, all mulch is not created equal.  You might be skeptical, but at GreenPro it’s our job to be experts in all aspects of lawn care and maintenance.  Yep – this includes mulch!

One of the best ways you can care for your lawn is providing, upgrading, and updating your mulch on an annual basis.  (This is why mulching is part of GreenPro’s annual service package.)  But should you be one of those DIY mulchers, we wanted to share with you some industry secrets when it comes to the most effective way to handle your mulch.

Remove Old Mulch Before Adding New Mulch.

Mulch buildup is a thing.  In fact, mulch buildup can be harmful to plants and can in some cases lead to mushrooms and mold. To combat this, keep your mulch layer about 2 inches thick to prevent the mulch from becoming too compacted. Is your mulch becoming crusty or breaking off in big pieces?  Remove it first before adding your new mulch.  It will ensure that any issues are addressed prior to adding new mulch.

Consider Your Home’s Color

Looking at different shades of mulch?  You should consider your home’s roof color, shutter color, and the color scheme of your plantings. You don’t want red mulch against a yellow house, for example.

All Mulch Has an Odor

While this may be self-evident (does anyone not know how mulch smells?), some mulches smell worse than others. The biggest offenders are natural mulches with high organic matter. This type of mulch is often recommended for new plantings and beds. The good news is that within a week, the scent will have faded significantly.

Suffer From Allergies? Beware!

If you or a family member suffers from allergens, we recommend that you select a dyed mulch product that is composed of ground pallets, rather than lawn clippings, tree branches, or recycled organics. These latter tend to have more mold spores and other allergens.

Even Raking Is The Key

Even the most expensive mulch and the best equipment to lay it can’t necessarily guarantee a great outcome. However, failure to rake your mulch evenly can make or break it.

Buy mulch from a reputable manufacturer

Not all mulch is manufactured the same, so be sure to choose a supplier who makes mulch on-site. This ensures you are getting quality mulch at a reasonable price.

Apply a pre-emergent, trim shrubs and pull weeds first

A pre-emergent will prevent weed seeds from being germinated, minimizing any weeding you’ll need to do throughout the summer. We also recommend that you trim and clean shrubs before you put the mulch down to make your landscape work load easier!

Hopefully these secret tricks and tips can help you as you set out to mulch your property the best way possible.  Sound complicated or overwhelming?  Let GreenPro help; we’d be happy to point you in the right direction, protect you from mistakes (red mulch and yellow house?!) and advise you every step of the way.  Call us today!