6 Reasons to Consider Privacy Trees

Published August 3, 2021

Evergreens make great privacy trees and are easy to maintain. Learn the reasons you should consider installing a wall of trees for privacy.

This year has seen many of us in Oklahoma spending more time at home than ever before. As we do, however, a sense of privacy becomes even more important. No one wants to feel like there are prying eyes around them, or that street noise is intruding on their space; a sense of seclusion is also crucial to making your yard a peaceful haven from the noise and the concerns and worries of the world. Fences however can feel artificial or intrusive, interrupting a natural sense of beauty and calm with a look or feel that may be unwelcome. The solution for many homeowners? Privacy trees.

Here are some reasons why privacy trees are becoming more of a trend for homeowners…

1. Privacy trees are easy to grow

Many homeowners install trees or large overgrown bushes thinking that they will be getting privacy; all they’ve really given themselves however is a headache! There’s no point installing trees that are difficult to grow, or that won’t survive in a broad diversity of soil and sunlight conditions. As a result, privacy trees are attractive for their ease of growth.

2. Privacy trees are evergreen

Dense evergreens with thick branches are the best trees for privacy, and privacy is something that most of us want year-round. As a result it makes no sense to install deciduous trees that drop leaves every winter. Better to choose privacy trees which provide year-round privacy and seclusion!

3. Privacy trees are easy to find on the market

Oklahoma has its own unique climate and topography, necessitating knowledge from homeowners when it comes to buying trees. There are specific trees that can create the privacy you’re looking for and that are easy to find in your local nursery, including Thuja Emerald Green and Cryptomeria Radicans.

4. Privacy trees are pretty

You want your trees to provide your property with a sense of privacy, certainly, but you don’t have to choose between privacy and attractiveness. Privacy trees afford you a measure of both without sacrificing either, making them appealing for homeowners.

5. Privacy trees can be planted close together

Some evergreens need lots of room to grow and don’t do well so close to their neighbors. The best privacy trees thrive in dense plantings, with most placed closely together.

6. Privacy trees are easy to maintain

You may have to water your privacy trees deeply and regularly, at least for the first year after planting. But this is common for most fresh plantings. The best privacy trees don’t require a significance amount of maintenance, however; plus, they’re pest resistant and tough-as-nails. They also tend to grow quickly, so you don’t need to wait 10 years for solitude.

Want to know which trees might work best for your property and offer you the privacy you seek? Give GreenPro a call; our specialists can help advise you on the best privacy trees to install around your property, as well as how to care for and maintain them. Give us a call, and get ready to enjoy the privacy you seek!