Tulsa Patio Design + Build with Year-Round Landscape Lighting

Published July 22, 2021

This family home in Tulsa wanted more usable space in the back and impressive landscaping in the front. Bonus: color changing outdoor lighting to look fantastic day or night throughout the year!

We were so excited to make this Tulsa family’s dreams come to life!

They wanted a total landscaping makeover in the front and a brand new covered patio extension in the back.

Bonus – they went ALL OUT on the outdoor lighting: programmable, color changing, and therefore able to quickly complement their Christmas lighting

This was truly a homeowner with all 12 months in mind – what fun!

See the before, after, and progress pics…

The covered patio added more usable space, an outdoor grill, and beauty in all directions

We’ve done quite a bit on this project in multiple stages over multiple years.

That’s the great thing about our 3D design service–we can show you all the possibilities and you can decide what you want to do now and in future stages, should you wish to spread it out due to convenience or working around schedules.

Designs & Before Pictures:

Notice the detail we add in our 3D landscaping and patio build designs.

We consider your specific family and guests to help you imagine and virtually experience your ideas, then make your dreams come true.

Under Construction:

Completed Work:

Year-Round Outdoor Lighting on Display

We delivered expert Tulsa outdoor lighting, making the home’s colors customizable, flexible, and nearly maintenance-free!