Permeable Paver Patio and Landscape Design in Broken Arrow, OK – December 2020

Published May 31, 2021

Replaced a rotting wood deck into a one-of-a-kind starry night permeable paver patio in Broken Arrow, OK.

  • 28’x30′ permeable pavers patio
  • Outdoor lighting
  • Large potted pom pom trees
Old vs New!

In Progress Photos:

Completed Photos:

This was a fun project. We turned a rotten wood deck (yes, the customer’s granny stepped through the rotten wood) into a one-of-a-kind Permeable Paver Patio.

They knew they didn’t want a deck again. Composite decking was an option, but critters kept getting under their current deck.

We added a starry night (random small, built-in lighting design) into the pavers.

What’s unique with a permeable pavers system is that it allows rainwater to flow through the patio versus on top of it creating surface water.

Rainwater overflow causes friction flow and the water rushes down (even if you can’t see it), which has a potential to create erosion.

For vertical interest, we installed beautiful, large ceramic pots with topiary visual anchor points to create a magical feel every time they open the door to their backyard.

We love making the outdoor living area pop and last a lifetime, even within a limited space like this project.

We will be building an outdoor kitchen on the elevated patio area in the future.