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A healthy lawn is thick, green, and weed-free. If yours isn’t, we’ll get it there. If it already is, we’ll maintain and improve it.

Our licensed technicians know how to treat your specific lawn, accounting for different grass, soil types, current year weather patterns, and additional factors.

Step 2

We use satellite imagery to measure the size of your treatable lawn and provide you a custom quote, usually within just a few hours.

Step 3

You approve our estimate, we setup your per-treatment billing (12-month billing available), and we get you on the schedule.

You’ll receive an email notification 1 day before each treatment as a reminder to have fence gates unlocked and pets secured.

Step 4

Your lawn gets healthier—greener, thicker, and weed-free—as we work our 7-step program throughout the year.

Let us know as far in advance if you have any questions or issues to resolve so we keep you as a happy customer for years to come!

We recommend our 7-step treatment program to help your lawn be as healthy as possible.

We offer per-treatment (traditional) billing or the easiest, most affordable option: a 12-month payment plan at no extra cost.

The smallest-sized lawns start at just $18 per month ($30 per treatment × 7 treatments ÷ 12 payments per year), but each lawn is priced individually because we only charge for the treated square feet. So if you have a deck, pool, or vegetable garden, we won’t spray or charge you for those areas.

Fewer treatments per year are available but the results won’t be quite as good or last as long as our 7-step program. Even so, we’re happy to quote these if you indicate you’re wanting the lowest cost option because treating your lawn 5 or 6 times per year is far more effective than not at all.

Another bonus of being on our 7-step program is unlimited free weed spraying in between each treatment. Just call us and we’ll be there.

Request a quote and we’ll get you a quote as soon as possible, usually within a few hours.

There’s no obligation. If you like the price, we can get your billing setup and get your first treatment on the next schedule.

Our 12-monthly payments pricing allows you to sign up anytime throughout the year, but it’s best if you sign up in Winter or Early Spring so our treatments can be most effective by starting before the growing season.

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Follow Our 7-Step Program for Best Results

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Nothing but Good for Your Lawn

Oklahoma’s 4 seasons take a toll on your lawn. Our trained weed control and fertilization technicians know just what you need to improve and sustain your lawn throughout the years.

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Homeowners trust GreenPro to provide them with beautiful, healthy, more weed-free lawn. GreenPro offers a seven step program custom tailored to your lawn’s needs. With GreenPro you can have peace of mind that your lawn will be treated correctly with top quality materials by a certified lawn care professional.

The best defense against weeds is a healthy, thick, well-fertilized lawn. Expertly applied, a quality fertilizer will ensure that your lawn will stay green, thick, and healthy. Many weeds are best controlled with a quality pre-emergent herbicide which is applied before the weeds germinate. A quality weed control product controls weeds that pop up during growing season. We use a state of the art surfactant in all of our weed control applications that enables the herbicide to penetrate the weed faster and more efficiently.

Our seven step program to a more beautiful lawn will include liquid, granular, and/or spot treatments as appropriate for each lawn’s unique needs.