Complete Lawn Maintenance Tulsa

Complete Lawn Maintenance Tulsa

Complete Lawn Maintenance Tulsa

If you find yourself driving by other properties and wishing that you had a lawn and landscape that was lush and green, you are not alone. Curb appeal is everything when it comes to owning property, big or small. However, not everyone has time to put into the care needed to generate a wonderful landscape. This is when it is time for you to look into your options for complete lawn maintenance in Tulsa to get the job done right! 

Enjoy Total Lawn Care Services in Tulsa, Oklahoma

Hiring skilled lawn care professionals will do the trick, whether you do not have the time, equipment, or patience to maintain your lawn. Whether you want a team to come out on a regular schedule for maintenance or you need a bit of a landscape overhaul, there is nothing quite like the advantages of working with industry pros. These are just some of the perks of hiring someone for complete lawn care in Tulsa, OK:

  1. Mowing at the right height: While it may seem easy to mow your lawn, you need to know that mowing the grass too short can actually cause damage. Shorter grass can lose energy reserves and lead to dry out, discoloration, or dead spots. Professional landscaping teams know just how short to trim the grass and how often it should be done based on the species of grass you have, the amount of sunlight your yard gets, and more.
  2. Proper weed control: Pesky weeds can really be a thorn in your side, especially when certain varieties begin to steal nutrients and water that your grass needs. With regular lawn care services and lawn spraying in Tulsa, you will start to see incredible results.
  3. Fertilizer application: To have a lush and healthy lawn, it must get the right amount of nutrients. Hiring professionals for lawn care means adding fertilizer services to supply everything the root system needs to stay healthy and grow beautifully. 

Why Hire GreenPro for Your Tulsa Lawn Care Needs?

When it comes to your exterior, you deserve nothing but the best so that you can showcase your property. Rather than tackling all of your lawn care and maintenance needs on your own, GreenPro features a skilled team that will work with you to come up with the perfect schedule. Talk with us about complete lawn maintenance in Tulsa, including:

  • Sod, plant, shrub, and tree installation
  • Full-scale landscaping design
  • Total turf maintenance, including Tulsa lawn mowing services, edging, and weeding.
  • Attention to your annuals and mulch
  • Walkway and patio cleanup
  • Shaping and sculpting shrubbery
  • Pruning and weeding around your landscape
  • And much more!

No matter what your needs might be, when it comes to complete lawn maintenance in Tulsa, we have you covered at GreenPro! We have been working with customers in the area, both residential and commercial, to provide tailored lawn maintenance, landscape design, and a variety of other exterior services. If you would like to know more, give us a call at 918-779-8982 or click here to get a free, no-obligation consultation!

Complete Lawn Maintenance Tulsa
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Complete Lawn Maintenance Tulsa
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