Washable paint online retailer
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Washable paint online retailer

Washable paint online retailer

If you have ever tried to remove dirt or marks from a painted wall you know how difficult or impossible it can be. The dirt may actually penetrate the paint and it becomes part of the wall. No amount of cleaning will remove some stains that you get on your walls. The perfect solution is washable paint. You can purchase it from a washable paint online retailer.

Advantages of Washable Paint

Washable paint offers many advantages over traditional painted surfaces. The most important advantage is the ability to easily remove dirt and stains from a surface. It is most often used on walls and is ideal for areas that have high use. It can be used on ceilings and any other surface where a durable finish is necessary.

Washable paint from an online retailer is a good option for children’s rooms since kids have a tendency to mark walls. Washable paint is made using a special formula that makes it scrubbable without marring the finish. It is easy to apply and provides very good coverage. The result is a long-lasting and washable flat finish.

The finish is non-yellowing and offers outstanding resistance to water, solvents and soaps. It also provides high resistance to damage caused by impacts and burnishing. It is very strong and durable with a finish that keeps its good appearance throughout tough wear and tear.

Washable paint is available in a large variety of colors. Eurolux Flat paint comes in white or can be custom mixed to 10,000 FPE colors and an unlimited number of custom colors. You can match the color to a swatch of fabric or any other item with a custom tinted color selection.

Paint Systems

A washable paint online retailer offers paint systems. Rather than simply purchasing a can of paint, a paint system is designed to provide proper coverage and work as indicated. Your washable paint online retailer does not sell individual paints to be used with primers from other manufacturers. The coverage rate is particularly important when determining the amount of paint that is required.

Washable coatings will perform best when used with a high build primer. Do not apply our high quality paint system over products that seal the surface since they do not provide enough friction for proper adhesion of the product. For new walls, clean and sand before applying one coat of Eurolux Interior Acrylic Undercoat. Then, finish with two coats of Eurolux Flat paint from a washable paint online retailer.

For walls that have been previously painted, clean and sand to remove any loose materials. Prime any exposed areas or the entire surface. Finish with two coats of paint. For the best possible appearance, pole-sand primer and the first coat of Eurolux glass smooth then remove dust before applying the final coat of paint. For other types of surfaces, choose a primer that is designed specifically for use with metal, plastic or wood.

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