Your Home’s Moment of Zen: Water Features

With a multitude of options to choose from, and with proper placement, water features can add a unique and life-giving aspect to your property. The peace that can come from having a body of water simply flowing in the background can be a fantastic addition to any back yard design.

Weed Control and Pre-Emergents

When a homeowner has spent hard-earned money on creating the green lawn they desire, it’s a shame to see that money go to waste when weeds take over and crowd out the grass seed that was laid. Our educated team provides a custom plan that is specific to your lawn, and then we remain consistent in how we care for that beautiful lawn of yours.

When and Why to Hire the Expert

You watch a TV special on landscape design (maybe Jerry Baker, master gardener, or one of those home improvement shows on HGTV) and think, “I can do that!” You go to your local garden shop, buy a bunch of flowers and plants, spend a day in the dirt, and then watch for six weeks as your new garden or landscape goes…absolutely nowhere.(Or worse: maybe everything dies!) There comes a time in every homeowner’s experience when you have to decide whether you are going to DIY it, or hire an expert.

Why Mulching Is Necessary for Your Garden


Mulch is typically applied in the springtime to aid plants and soil in the sweltering summertime and then once again in the fall to prepare for possible frost. WATER RETENTION Mulch is a barrier between your soil and the sun. We will make sure all weeds are removed and the ground is loosened before applying a generous layer of mulch to the soil.

Shine your joy at any budget!