Maximizing Your Tiny Yard

While many homeowners may have dreams of owning a large home with a palatial estate, complete with large yards, oftentimes they have to try to figure out how to make do with the properties they have. But just because you may have a home with a small amount of square footage does not mean you cannot maximize your space. Read below!

Core Aeration

Unhealthy lawns are often a result of soil beneath the grass that is now compacted, which keeps oxygen, water, and nutrients from flowing down to the roots. Core aeration is a type of lawn aeration that reduces compaction by removing soil and thatch, the chief culprits of soil compaction, from a lawn. As a result, homeowners can hire companies that specialize in lawn care to bring out their equipment to clear the property of plugs and clogs, and then drive precise holes into the soil for maximum care.

Heat Your Patio with Green Pro

Just because winter is cold does not mean you do not have to lose your ability to enjoy your outdoor patio area! At GreenPro we often find that our clients do not want to lose their outdoor patio areas for up to six months a year just because it’s cold. As a result, we have developed some tricks and tips to help homeowners who want to make their outdoor areas warm and inviting no matter the season.

Fire Pits

The holidays, in particular, can be a beautiful time to be out in nature enjoying all that your property has to offer, but you need a gathering place where family and friends can feel warm and welcome amidst the cold winter air. The secret to these outdoor gathering places? A fire pit one that can provide both light and heat, and create the atmosphere for family and friends that you long for your property to offer.

Shine your joy at any budget!