Landscape Goals For the New Year

While it’s common for people to set goals when it comes down to personal and professional goals, it’s also common for homeowners to have goals when it comes to home improvement. And yet, in addition to home improvement and repair, homeowners also often want to make changes to their landscape and property design. But they have no idea on where to start? Take a look below to get started!

Brighten Dreary Winter Landscapes with Native Plants

grass, frost, winter

Homeowners looking to brighten their properties should consider using native plants, which offer winter color and provide food and shelter to many over-wintering bird species. A colorful native garden alive with beautiful bird species might just be the remedy for those cold and dreary winter days!

Vegetable Gardens: Go Farm-to-Table!

vegetables, garden, harvest

Farmers and licensed growers of all kinds have been able to delight in living off of and enjoying the fruit of the land. But there’s no reason every homeowner cannot similarly enjoy the benefits of eating farm to table. Below we have offered just a few tips for how you can make eating off the land a nightly occurrence!

Light Up the Dark with Landscape Lighting from Green Pro

At Green Pro, we like to think of ourselves as a full-service company that offers every little detail towards making your backyard dreams come true. This includes a crucial service that many of our clients have come to appreciate: landscape lighting. Outdoor landscape lighting provides homeowners with a sense of security and shows off your beautiful home in a whole new way. Many homeowners have found that they feel more peaceful upon arriving home from work and enjoy being outdoors even after the sun has gone down. Landscape lighting also exudes luxury. It can turn your home from a beautiful …

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Four Kinds of Plants to Keep Mosquitoes Away

As summer approaches and the humidity rises, so too does the onset of one of Oklahoma’s most pernicious pests: mosquitoes. But sometimes the best antidote is the simplest and most natural one. When approaching eliminating pests, the best way to do so is often by using nature’s defenses.