Climbing Flowers for Trellises

Landscaped designer lawn

When thinking about your landscape and the types of flowers and foliage you want to grow, it’s important to choose plants for the trellis that have the same water and light needs as the plants surrounding the structure.

Beat the Heat with Covered Patios

Awsome kind of evening

Maybe you should consider a patio as part of your larger outdoor landscape design concept. The latest trend in covered patios is a hassle-free retractable cloth awning, giving you the chance to decide when and how much you want your patio covered.

Art and Light: Adding Personality to Your Lighting Design

Homeowners often don’t think about outdoor lighting as a way to have fun and add touches of whimsy by illuminating artwork, signage, and water features. Having a custom-made piece of art in the garden allows you to really stand apart from your neighbors. You can emphasize the security, safety, and privacy of your property without sacrificing aesthetically-pleasing lighting and creative design.